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Jun 30, 2023

Last year, CAH International held a first joint kick-off, on the basis of which working groups for research, surgery and standard of care were also formed.

The Standard of Care Working Group are mainly concerned with the issue of care at the moment. In order to learn more about the care in the different countries and to define their focus within the working group, they have developed a survey for CAH patients.

The main goal of the survey is to identify the lifestyle of patients and caregivers living with CAH worldwide. The results of the survey will be elaborated and further discussed in a dedicated workshop to plan further actions to address unmet needs and to share good practices.”

The survey can be found here. Please complete the survey by 15th July 2023.

The surveys are treated anonymously. For any questions, please contact



REMINDER: The Living with CAH Support Group and CAH International are not the same organisation. Please take this into consideration when completing their survey. We (the Living with CAH Support Group) are not responsible for any data that you share with CAH International. See Section 10 of our Privacy Policy here.


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