Like many charities the Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Support Group need to ask the public for money. We rely on public generosity – an enduring feature of our society, but one that can never be taken for granted – to carry out our important work of helping those living with CAH. We recognise that in return, those raising funds for us place their trust in us to use any money donated effectively.


CAH needs your help

The support group aims to help those living with CAH, both by providing information and literature and by funding research that can improve life with CAH. In both cases the funds to make this happen come from those supporting us with fundraising.

If you’d like to help the CAH Support Group raise money you can:

The CAH Support Group is affiliated with Society for Endocrinology, an organisation that supports clinicians, scientists and nurses who work with hormones throughout their careers. They engage policy-makers, journalists, patients and the public with hormone science to encourage informed health decisions, and to demonstrate the value of endocrinology to the wider world and also maintains a public information website, You and Your Hormones.

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