Welcome to the CAH Support Group

We support people with CAH, their families and friends.


Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)

What is CAH?

CAH occurs approximately once in every 15,000 people worldwide. It is an inherited condition which prevents the adrenal glands functioning correctly. To stay healthy, people with CAH must take daily life-long medication to replace the hormones which their adrenal glands don’t make.

How we help

The CAH Support Group is run by people who, between them, have been living with CAH for over 100 years!

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Providing support since 1991

The group was formed by our Chair, Sue, not long after her son was born with the condition.


Fundraising for research

We raise money to aid research and development into new and revised treatment methods and medication.

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Answering your questions

We run regular events including conferences and regional meetings so members can meet others living with the condition. There’s always someone to talk to!


Network of medical advisors

Our group of medical advisors include consultant endocrinologists, nurses, surgeons and psychologists who specialise in treating all types of CAH.

About us

The CAH Support Group is a charity run by its members.

The support group was formed in 1991. Our aim is to give support to people with CAH and their families and friends, to increase awareness of the condition among the public and the medical profession, and to raise funds to support research.


CAH needs your help

Like many charities the CAH Support Group need to ask the public for money. We rely on public generosity – an enduring feature of our group, but one that can never be taken for granted.


You can read all the books and see all the doctors, but talking to someone who’s actually been there and understands how you feel is a huge reassurance.

Latest News

Updates from the CAH blog

A huge thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund

A huge thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund

We're pleased to announce the arrival of our long-awaited new Dell laptops! We were extremely lucky to receive a grant for these from The National Lottery Community fund, and thankful too to Dell who worked with us to make this possible. These laptops will enable the...

Cambridge Brain and Behaviour Study – Volunteers Wanted!

Cambridge Brain and Behaviour Study – Volunteers Wanted!

The CamBABS team at Cambridge University and Cambridge University Hospitals is looking for men and women with classic CAH (either salt wasting or simple virilising) to help with their research. They are conducting a study aimed at understanding how hormone exposure...