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Request for families of children with CAH
05 December 2016 19:20 pm
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The conversations are to help the preliminary development of a documentary for the BBC that explores the issue of people born with a range of differences at birth - including CAH.

The company have a very impressive history of producing films on sensitive medical subjects focused on children's issues such as three series of Great Ormond Street Hospital for the BBC, and recent award winning Your Child in Their Hands: Kidís hospital for Channel 5.

The conversations are to help inform the team about how best to focus the film. The hope is that the documentary will help the audience understand much more about DSD conditions, and raise awareness of the some of the issues that make things more difficult for families of children with conditions including CAH.

Films of Record are hoping to talk to families who are happy to share their experiences, particularly around the decisions they have had to make as a result of the condition. At this stage there is no commitment to filming, the conversations are to help deepen their level of understanding and focus their research.

If anyone is interested in talking to Films of Record, please contact Debbie Lowe at Debbie.lowe@filmsofrecord.com
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